We decided we no longer wanted to stand and watch young marriages fail. We feel called to help couples find purpose early in marriage. We believe purpose provides clarity, security and strength. We also want to equip them with the tools, resources and encouragement they need to navigate the first five years of marriage.

Deon & Bridgette Reed



Deon’s Story

Deon was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and comes from a background grounded in faith and family. His parents never divorced and his late father was a long time Pastor in the Dallas area. When Deon decided he was ready for marriage, Deon went on a pursuit asking God to confirm his wife by her answering a specific question. He told God that his wife would answer that question in a specific way and that is how he would know the woman he should marry.


Our Relationship

Bridgette answered Deon’s question verbatim. It was firm confirmation on their first date and from their Deon knew he would be marrying this woman. Bridgette however did not receive confirmation until her second date with Deon. God simply told her while they were having dinner, “That is your husband”. They later shared a few weeks later what God had told each of them separately. They have been married now for over 5 years and have two children and a dog named Ruby. They are excited about helping couples find purpose and succeed in marriage.


Bridgette’s Story

Bridgette was born and raise in Michigan. Her story is much different from Deon with her parents divorcing while she was very young and a second divorce happening in her teens. Her mother, however, has always kept her in the church and has given her a solid foundation of faith and family. Even though she comes from broken home torn apart by divorce, God has placed a deep longing in her heart to see families healed. It is because of her own experience in her family that God has given her a passion to see marriages thrive and young couples succeed early in marriage.


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